Trees, please!

There are a few streets and blocks in northern Union Hill that need trees.  Sidewalks in these areas are currently under restoration (thanks to the City of Richmond Public Works.)  New tree wells will be ready for young trees in March 2013.

The average cost of purchasing and planting a tree is $50.  Due to the pedestrian nature of our urban neighborhood, we must plant young trees that aren't too small  (experience has shown us that tiny saplings get trampled while larger young trees thrive.)

Please consider joining the ARBOR CLUB and help us continue to green the neighborhood. Use the PayPal button to the right and you'll help provide fresh air, shade and a home to a bird or squirrel (yeah, we love our wildlife in Union Hill.)

Thank-you!  You can see on the map where the trees will go. Updates on planting coming soon. 


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