Restoring the Urban Tree Canopy with Mosquito Squad, UHCA, Cedar Street Baptist Church, Church Hill Planters and Richmond's City Arborist

On Arbor Day, Friday, April 26, 2013, Mosquito Squad, its two local franchises and its national Richmond headquarters staff, will be in Union Hill planting trees as part of their Arbor Day national day of service. They're helping restore the urban tree canopy in city neighborhoods devoid of trees.

City of Richmond Department of Public Works has been restoring sidewalks in the physical heart of Union Hill, formerly blighted areas on Cedar Street, O Street, North 23rd Street, and North 24th Street.  The City has left great tree wells for us to fill to make the new sidewalks comfortable, safe, and attractive. The improved sidewalks and trees will connect new businesses with our neighborhood and Church Hill House.

Here's the schedule:
Friday, April 26, Mosquito Squad-Sponsored Arbor Day:  
The two local franchises of Mosquito Squad and Richmond-based national headquarters staff will be planting between 20 to 40 trees in the new tree wells on N. 23rd and N. 24th Streets as for their national day of service.  
Friends and neighbors are welcome to help. Mosquito Squad has volunteers, tree gators, and Tree Stewards lined up.  The City is supposed to be delivering mulch as well.  We can't thank Mosquito Squad and the City enough for their investment in our neighborhood!  Meet Friday, April 26th at the corner of N. 23rd and O Streets at 8:00 a.m., or join in as you can!  Volunteers are welcome. Don't forget your gardening gloves.

Saturday, April 27, Union Hill Civic Association Clean Up Day: 
Neighbors will wrap up what Friday volunteers have been unable to finish in terms of planting trees and mulching.  In addition, we will plant sunflowers in any wells that are not planted with trees as a visual placeholder until trees can be planted this fall.  We will scrape sidewalks in areas that are overgrown.  If we finish trees Friday, get ready for some good times sidewalk scraping!  Meet Saturday at the corner of N. 23rd and O at 8:00 a.m., or join as you can!  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Wear your gardening gloves.

Gardening tools needed. Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. on both days. Put masking tape on your tools with your name/phone number so we make sure you get them back.

Questions?  Email Mark Kronenthal at or drop by the vicinity of 23rd and O Streets any time on April 26 or 27, 2013.


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