Help us bring "Mr. Smedley" to Jefferson Park

The Richmond City Public Art Commission has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the suitable public placement of a sculpture by John Temple "Jack" Witt called Mr. Smedley.  Mr. Smedley is an eight feet tall bronze sculpture of a tall lanky smiling entertainer, doffing his hat revealing a mouse on his head.  It is also called "The Street Entertainer." The statue was formerly at the 6th Street Market in 2004 and is currently being stored at a City facility.  The city will transport and install the sculpture at the selected location.  There are restoration costs ($1500) and an anonymous donor has been found to help defray some of those costs. Mary Field has copies of the RFP if you would like to see it. It can also be found online.

The Union Hill Civic Association and the Friends of Jefferson Park intend to submit a response to the RFP and are soliciting input from the community in order to reflect community support.  We will propose to install the sculpture near the band stand at the west end of the park near the children's playground.

As there will be pre-submission meeting on Tuesday, July 2 at 4pm at City Hall in the 5th Floor Large Conference Room, we would like to have all community input in hand by the date.  Please send your comments to Mary Field at  by  July 1 so we may attend the meeting with community input and appropriate questions. 


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