The Future of the UHCA

UHCA has played a significant role in making Union Hill the diverse, vibrant and safe community in which we live.  A small corps of committed individuals has with great skill and dedication provided UHCA leadership since its inception. This summer it became apparent that the future of the organization depends on engaging more of our neighbors and on Identifying new leadership.  With that in mind, the September 17, 2013 meeting was focused on reaching consensus as to the future course of the organization.

Please take a minute and look at the summary of that meeting. Everyone is encouraged to join the dialogue.  Send your thoughts and comments to

This is a "work in progress" with the only goal being an organization that meets the needs of the community.

During this period of transition, staying in touch will be particularly critical.  Please feel free to use the address to identify any issues that need immediate UHCA attention or to share the particulars of any new/ongoing projects or activities seeking member participation and support.

-Mary Field, Secretary, UHCA

Below, are the minutes from the Sept 17, 2013 meeting:
  • Sgt. Ford of the First Precinct had no criminal activities to report.  He did, however, share an overview of a new initiative addressing loitering along the 25th Street corridor.  There will be more information available as the project moves forward.
  • Two CAR applications for Union Hill properties were reviewed.  Ton O'Kelly provided answers to questions about his 719 N. 22nd St property and has posted the plans on the UHCA web site for community review. The second property is located at 609 N. 22nd St. and appears to involve raising the front of the building due to a mistake in footing placement.  The only deviation from the original plans is the addition of extra steps up to the porch.  The group consensus was that neither site warranted action by the UHCA.
  • The Special Use Application for the new grocery/sandwich shop at the Corner of E. Leigh and Jefferson seemed to be universally supported.  A "UHCA letter of support" will be submitted to the city.
  • The proffer and plats related to a zoning change in the "Bottom" was brought to the attention of the group.  Due to lack of clarity regarding the potential impact on Union Hill, it was decided no action was needed at this time.
  • A group of Union HIll residents have proposed a "sausage themed event".  It was suggested by the organizers that UHCA apply for a 501c3 status.  That status allows the organization to accept the proceeds from fund raising activities such as the proposed event noted above.  There was some conversation regarding hesitation to replace a previously free neighborhood event with a paid event.  However, due to the lack of more detailed information, no action was taken.
  • Mark Kronenthal has arranged for the planting on an additional 40 trees in Union Hill.  Volunteers to ensure the watering of the trees have been identified.  Thanks, Mark.


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