Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Info

Our Union Hill neighbor, Mark Kronenthal, provides this brief overview of how to handle any VA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issues and complaints:

Noticing after hours sales of alcohol at a neighborhood corner store? Frustrated with the lack of ABC and law enforcement response?

In order for complaints to be processed effectively, citizens should go to the ABC website linked below and file a complaint online or call the ABC Complaint Line number posted below.

Please make sure you have the name of the business and the address so the complaints get into the correct file. For example, the address of Ocean Grocery is 2438 Venable Street.  Multiple complaints about the same address will help ABC understand the priority of the problem.

If alcohol-related trash accumulation is a problem you are experiencing, it is also helpful for enforcement to have photographs of the accumulation of beverage containers with date and locations noted.

Please also note the date, time, and method of your complaint for your own future reference so the neighborhood can help ABC enforcement identify why they have not received recent complaints.

ABC website:

ABC Complaints Line: 866-437-3155

If you see something ABC-related happening live (like after hours sales out of a store's back door), or if you want to follow up on a specific enforcement complaint for which you have not seen a resolution, you can email directly.


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