"New" Streets in Union Hill

Union Hill resident, Ann Wortham has the skinny on the street re-surfacing now happening in our neighborhood:
Touted as resurfacing, the process that's been giving some Union Hill streets a new surface is more like recycling.
In the past our tax dollars have paid to have the surface of a street torn up and hauled off, and a new surface hauled in and put down. The process we've been seeing recently isn't like that at all.

Equipment heats the existing surface and scrapes up the heated surface, slowly and one lane at a time.  Each lane's spillover is raked back into its lane and then a Volvo makes several passes to mash down the heated and scraped surface.  
Defects are later marked in white and corrected and then a sealer is applied to the recycled surface.  The last thing that will be done is the painted markings.

The process originated in Illinois, has been used in Henrico for 8 to 10 years, is new to Richmond...and is reportedly about 1/3 the cost of the dig-up-old-and-put-new-down process.


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