7th Annual Union Hill Progressive Dessert: Friday Dec 13, 7 to 11 pm

A century ago, the residents of our neighborhood began a holiday tradition. To commemorate the spirit of the season, neighbors chose an evening in which to open their homes and share in sweet treats, hospitality, and fellowship. 

Seven years ago, present-day residents revived this great tradition with the annual Union Hill Progressive Dessert. With the help of gracious hosts, we continue our historic custom this year. 

A festive evening of merriment begins with acclaimed brass quintet Festival Brass, performing live in Jefferson Park. Warm beverages will be served to keep everyone toasty warm and in good cheer. 

If you have not received your invitation to the Union Hill Progressive Dessert and would like to participate, please contact Mark Lemaire at 804-322-3016, or email@mark-lemaire.com

We hope you will join us! We have much to celebrate and be thankful for. 


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