Wed Aug 27 UHCA Organizational Meeting

Your voice is critical! 

Please attend our 2014-15 UHCA Organizational Meeting. Wednesday August 27, 2014, 7:00 pm, at the Family Resource Center, 2405 Jefferson Avenue.

Followed by 8:00 pm social hour at The Union Market, 2306 Jefferson Avenue.

From our acting president, Charlie Field:

Dear Neighbors,

The Consensus below has provided the framework within which UHCA has functioned for the last 12 months. It has been a very successful and productive year.   And we have had a lot of fun!!  

However, it is important to review the organizational decisions we made last year and determine how best to move forward.   Now is the time to share ideas and identify folks who are willing to help ensure the future of UHCA.

I encourage you to read the Consensus below.  Does it still reflect our vision for UHCA?  Please come to the August 27th meeting prepared to share your thoughts.  In order to keep the meeting as short as possible, those with ideas for change will be ask to present both their idea and the specifics on how the change would be implemented.

Hope to see you on the 27th.

Charlie Field,  Acting President

Union Hill Civic Association (UHCA) September 17. 2013

1. UHCA is vital and must continue to function.

2. UHCA is committed to providing information to the community and a way for the community to express its views and opinions using the UHCA website and emails, meetings, as needed.

3. A primary function of UHCA is to ensure the wellbeing of the neighborhood and to encourage respect and concern for each other.  A monthly gathering in a congenial spot will be established.

4. Anyone interested in Union Hill is welcome to participate.  There will be no membership fees. Donations are encouraged to either support the general treasury or specific  projects.

5. Ideas for new project or activities will be initiated by members.  The initiating member will be the person in charge of the project. Others who are interested will be encouraged to offer their support for the project.    
6.  Ann Wortham will continue to provide updates from city commissions and organizations.

7. Current UHCA by-laws will be temporarily set aside.

8. Inas El-Amin, Elected Vice-President, Nikia Lemaire, Elected Treasure will continue in those positions.  Charlie Field agreed to serve as Acting President with the understanding that if anyone else wants the job, he will step down.  Mary Field volunteered to handle communications.


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