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June 2016 Meeting Recap
Here is a recap of our June meeting at Tricycle Gardens headquarters: 

Welcoming remarks by Interim President John Gerner included encouraging folks to sign in and provide their email address if they wished to receive UHCA communications. John explained the purpose of the meeting as an effort to develop a simple and less time/effort consuming approach to sustaining the UHCA’s community’s voice. 

He then introduced a document “One Possible Organizational Model for UHCA” which he and Mary Field had written based on input from other community organizations. The contents of the document were discussed. Suggestions regarding changes, refinements, etc. were voiced and are reflected in the revised version. Click here for the Current Organization Model

There was general consensus that this approach seemed workable if leadership could be identified. Those with ideas/ comments or willingness to assume some leadership responsibility were encouraged to contact John (johnger…