June 2016 Meeting Recap

Here is a recap of our June meeting at Tricycle Gardens headquarters: 

Welcoming remarks by Interim President John Gerner included encouraging folks to sign in and provide their email address if they wished to receive UHCA communications. John explained the purpose of the meeting as an effort to develop a simple and less time/effort consuming approach to sustaining the UHCA’s community’s voice. 

He then introduced a document “One Possible Organizational Model for UHCA” which he and Mary Field had written based on input from other community organizations. The contents of the document were discussed. Suggestions regarding changes, refinements, etc. were voiced and are reflected in the revised version. Click here for the Current Organization Model

There was general consensus that this approach seemed workable if leadership could be identified. Those with ideas/ comments or willingness to assume some leadership responsibility were encouraged to contact John (johngerner@gmail.com) or Mary (fieldmn@gmail.com). 

Although a potential special meeting in July was discussed, none are currently planned. The next regular meeting is on Wednesday September 7, 2016. 

Issues Discussed: 

1. The BHC housing project planned for the Citadel of Hope and surrounding area. Everyone interested is encouraged to attend the June 28, 2016 Commission on Architectural Review (CAR). This project will be on the conceptual agenda. There appears to have been significant changes to the original concept as originally presented to UHCA. Ms. Lynne McAteer, VP of BHC, is agreeable to attending any UHCA meeting for the purposes of making a presentation of the project plans.

2. Public safety on Venable Street. This issue will be placed on the agenda of our September meeting when we plan to have our next police update. 

3. Mike Onsel noted an increase of bike thefts and the need for increased vigilance in securing bicycles. He highly recommended that they be stored inside residences.


1. Lt. McRoy of Sector 111, First precinct provides the latest crime statistic and helpful safety tips in his April 16, 2016 Newsletter at Johnny.McRoy@richmondgov.com

2. Communications with Mike Sawyer, City Traffic Engineer indicate that additional signage to facilitate traffic flow on Jefferson Avenue will not occur until after the new fiscal year because there is currently no funding for that effort. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:45. The conversation continued at the Union Market where Happy Hour prices were in place for those attending the UHCA meeting.


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